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Career @ Healinov Pvt. Ltd.

You will find the kind of environment where peoplecan fully realize their potential. We are a company that empowers employees to exercise leadership skills andteam commitment. We look for people with real talent and enthusiasm to become part of our family.
Healinov place a premium on innovation and giving our people the freedom to think differently. Healinov Pvt. Ltd. is a company where professionals of the highest caliber come together to achieve a common goal of exceeding our customers expectations.
We are committed to our employees development and will ensure that opportunities exist at every stage of their careers for them to grow and fully realize their potential. We take a personal interest in building our family not only as individuals professionals but also as people.
We take great pride in the reputation of our Company. Its brand has been built over the years by Good Ethical Business Conduct and Practices. Our status in the community has symbolic value with business advantage based on our main values of Quality.
In coordination with our commitment to team member development, it is the belief of the company that training is an integral part of the success and efficiency of Amoun’s operations.
“Development” is distinct from training because it has greater long-term implication on time and commitment from both Amoun & its team members. Development involves a change in thinking, a change in the way the environment is interpreted


The success of the company is directly attributed to its strong and committed team of professionals spread across the world. It is this team that has brought a huge transformation in the organization to achieve excellent growth. We believe in development of team members and exposing them to different training programs regularly to enhance their skill set. We motivate our human assets to take new challenges and achieve higher growths.

Employee Benefits

We nurture new talents to be the leaders of the future. Working with inspiring people on different projects, learning various skills and valuable insight into the industry. We believe in instilling confidence and skill-sets to ensure that our people reflect the utmost standard.

Job Opportunities

Healinov Pvt. Ltd. offers many jobs depending on our requirement. We have research scientists working in multiple R&D centres equipped with cutting-edge enabling technologies and we believe in empowering our employees in different job roles as they can enhance their skills